Moving blindly through crowds of people in powerplaces of nowhere, camera in hand, instinct is my only guide. I shoot quickly, consistently, many photos in a short burst of time. I see only lights and shadows, and my images convey their relationship to time and other objects. In a sense, I am blind when shooting and see after I am done, when I review the images.


I delete most of the photos. It is intuition: whether I keep a photo is a decision made within seconds – the image must catch my eye, stir something in my being. With a click of a button, one image disappears for another and what remains is meant to be. There are no coincidences.

In a way, I feel like the photographer in Antonioni's Movie "Blow Up" who loses himself in the scene around him. With his camera, he is looking for something more, maybe a secret to be uncovered. I first saw this movie at age 11 and I was immediately affected by it – I too am looking to discover an invisible truth.


Series I : Configuration

Series V : Air

Series II : Density

Series VI : Mars

Series III : Solitude

Series VII : Swamp

Series IV : Fragile

Series VIII : Beyond

Triptychon Domus

Triptychon Fata

Triptychon Pegasus