It's like the Blow up of an invisible truth.

On the way to the powerplaces of nowhere, the camera in my hand, not looking at the display. Moving through the stream of people, driven by instinct, lights and shadows. Many pics in short time. Unseen images of coincidence. There is no coincidence. In some way I feel like the photographer in Antonioni's Movie "Blow Up". For the first time I saw this movie at about age 11, and alreday then I was affected by it without realizing it. After the shooting instinct changes into intuition and I delete most of the photos. A decision within seconds, the pic must catch my eye in a blink. In this rare seconds of the clear Yes, what seems to be, has disappeared for something other.


Series I : Configuration

Series V : Air

Series II : Density

Series VI : Mars

Series III : Solitude

Series VII : Swamp

Series IV : Fragile

Series VIII : Beyond

Triptychon Domus

Triptychon Fata

Triptychon Pegasus